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Symbolizing the eternal commitment of love, trust and hope, HEART OF LOVE is a unique collection by D.K. & Wei to make it every day a big day for one’s commitment. Inspired by classic photographing of a wedding ring on the bible with casted “love” shadow, the designers re-think the way conventional jewelries were made and creatively craft our iconic design with light and shadow.

Delicately crafted from sterling silver with rhodium plating for lasting beauty, this collection appears to be contemporary and minimum-looking with touching wear experience for ones to explore and celebrate the “heart” of true love and commitment. 

HEART OF LOVE (心心相影) 的靈感來自很多攝影師捕捉到的一個有趣的現象,就是戒指在打開的聖經上留下心形的陰影,這一類戒指+聖經+心形陰影的照片成爲十分經典的攝影作品,廣泛流傳,很多人把他譽爲真愛的見證。設計師借此打破傳統首飾的造型方式,希望重現這一經典時刻,“心心相影”是一件有形,有意,有情景,見證真愛承诺的溫馨設計作品。

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